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Houston is the most populous city in Texas. In 2020, its population is at 2.31 million. The median age of residents here is 33.3. People are reportedly moving to Houston to get a chance at landing high-paying careers in the area. The city is famous for Fortune 500 companies based here like Chevron, Golden Sachs, and Microsoft.

The economy of this city employs 1.13M people with the largest industry in Health Care & Social Assistance and Mining, Quarrying, & Oil & Gas Extraction as the highest paying industry at $105,584, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting, & Mining at $102,752, and Management of Companies & Enterprises at $102,727.

Another factor that attracts people to the area is the low cost of living with housing expenses that are 18% lower than the national average. Grocery prices are reportedly 6% lower than the national average.

If you want the best residential landscaping in Houston, TX for your interior, garden, and home landscaping needs, prepare a reasonable budget. It might not be easy looking for affordable front yard and backyard landscaping in Houston. Be aware that service fees are usually not inclusive of sourcing and transportation fees. If you have a tight deadline, fees can easily blow out of proportion.


Our Houston Landscapers For Quality Landscaping Services

Do you need help with repainting your patio, in choosing the right flowering plants or other services to enhance your beautiful outdoor space? Do you want your Houston landscape project to turn out amazing and your home to have a lush sea of green for a front yard? Great! Our crew is here to help you in whatever you may require. We take pride in providing a complete professional package for customer satisfaction and client happiness.

Search for the Best Landscape Companies and Ask Their Rates for Your Landscaping Project

Before hiring a Houston landscaping company, set a budget. This way, you can easily zero in on which landscapers in Houston, TX you can afford to hire. Ask around for standard rates and landscaping services they offer. Also, look for reviews from previous customers.

If you need assistance on tasks beyond lawn care, make a list to ensure you are not missing anything. This is crucial also in evaluating which items can be accommodated by your budget. The rates for landscaping services in Houston, TX may vary depending on numerous factors.

Decide early on if you need a landscaper in Houston, TX who can learn and know about the grass type, plant, trees, and other things in your lawn in detail. Do you want to have them improve your patio, add an irrigation device, or just perform landscape maintenance services?

Set a Budget When Planning to Hire Houston Landscaping Companies

According to available public data, the median property value in Houston, TX in 2020 is at $186,800 and the homeownership rate was 42.9%. Reportedly, in 2023 these homeowners paid $1,320.00 to $1,564.00 on the average for curb installation. To be sure, set aside at least $2,000 for your landscaping expenses.

Factors that affect landscape services cost

Expenses would vary depending on the size of your outdoor space, duration of landscaping services, materials to be used and the availability of laborers in your state. On the other hand, if you just need extra hands to install garden lights, repot plants or repaint your patio, a general laborer can do these for you.

Landscaping needs are affected by the size of your lawn and the location of your property. Take these into consideration before searching.

Affordable options when you have a tight budget

The best landscaping companies in Houston, TX can provide you with landscapers who can do the job for you at hourly rates. Sometimes a beautiful landscaping project need not be complicated. Quality work does not need to be expensive.

However, be wary also of hidden charges and surprise costs. Maintain good communication with the landscaping company of your choice and be clear on what services you intend to get for your property in Houston area.


Things to Consider for Houston Landscape Maintenance

Given that the year-round climate in Houston is usually a humid subtropical climate, identify what type of grass grows in your lawn. If you have Raleigh St. Augustine grass in your lawn, be on the lookout for common diseases for this type of grass which can be gray leaf spot in the summer or brown patch in the fall.

By knowing what grows in your lawn or your garden, you will be able to plan out for its maintenance. This is also the first step in strategizing how to maintain its upkeep and what pest control measures to conduct. After which, you can set a budget for your lawn and landscape maintenance.

After deciding how much you are willing to spend for landscape maintenance, you will be able to identify what services you can afford to outsource. Can you afford to have someone come in regularly to mow the lawn? Do you have enough funds for a landscape renovation? Decide what you want and need as soon as possible.

Choose CLP to Provide Landscaping Services in Houston

CLP is in the business of providing high quality service at a reasonable price. We aim to be one of the best landscape service providers in Houston, TX and in the country. With this in mind, we want you to have the best landscaping experience.

Our Houston landscapers are reliable and hard-working who can assist you with problems with drainage or water in the basement.

Also, our landscapers in Houston offers general yard work such as dirt moving, mulching, laying sod, carrying rocks, wheelbarrow and shovel work and weeding, power washing and tree services such as trimming.

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What does cheap landscaping in Houston include?
Services may range from the basic service like weed removal and caring for plants to the more complicated landscape project like irrigation system installation. It can also include landscapers who can regularly visit your home for landscape maintenance. Community Labor Partnership (CLP) offers basic home gardening and local Houston landscaping services at affordable rates. Our Houston landscaper can do dirt moving, mulching, laying sod, carrying rocks, wheelbarrow and shovel work and installation of landscape rocks and landscape lighting. We can transform decks and patios into a cozy outdoor space.
How much does landscaping cost in Houston?
Costs may depend on your landscaping needs and expectations, size of the space and the scope of work. Naturally, if you want to carry out landscape construction projects or create walkways, you might need a licensed professional. For basic landscape service which typically includes mowing and trimming hedges, prepare a budget for at least $30 to $70 per hour or $50 to $190 total per service. Landscape renovation is at least $1,000. Some clients request for a complete overhaul and design process. Some may need only clean up and digging. While others may look for assistance in general tasks such as repotting of plants and landscape lighting installation.
What is the cheapest landscaping in Houston?
If you do not have a huge budget for landscaping, it is often best to stick with the basics, unless of course your lawn or yard is in dire need of a makeover. Most homeowners get by with basic lawn mowing services. If you do not want this regular expense, you can opt to invest in artificial grass or pave the entire front yard space with smooth stones and hardscapes.
What are 3 benefits of landscaping in Houston?
The obvious benefit of landscaping is the aesthetic component. It can beautify your outdoor space making it more inviting and pleasing to the eye. Since this is the first things your guests see, it will create a good first impression if you have a well-maintained landscape in your home. A welcome consequence of this aesthetic effect is that by increasing curb appeal, you are also increasing the value of your home. A manicured lawn and updated hardscapes also create an expectation that the house interiors are well-maintained. Lastly, beautiful landscaping such as a flower garden or a uniform, lush lawn, calms the mind. It provides you with breathing space during busy days. This is important for mental health and wellbeing.
What are the six elements of Houston landscaping?
If you are thinking of focusing your effort, time, and money in making your landscaping at home admirable and amazingly beautiful, take note of the following six elements: Lines, Form, Sound, Smell, Color, and Texture. A lawn or yard should engage all five senses, not just the visual component. Its design should cater to this to be generally pleasing.