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Top Quality Landscaping in Corpus Christi

Having an ideal outdoor space for your Corpus Christi home takes work – you need to know which plants work best depending on the season, how to maximize your space without making it look tacky, and to make sure that your entire outdoor space shows cohesion.

This is why most homeowners rely on landscaping companies in Corpus Christi, TX. Professional landscapers will know what to do in order to make the most out of your space. They would also have the expertise and experience to know how to meet your landscaping needs without overworking your yard.

Also, since lawn care is not a one-time task, you need a company that can provide lawn care services at an affordable rate. This way, you do not have to burn a hole through your pocket as you keep your yard looking its best.

If you need a reliable landscaping company for your home in Corpus Christi, look no further. CLP can be that company for you.


Why Choose Us Among Top Landscape Companies in Corpus Christi, TX?

As your Corpus Christi landscaper, we can provide you with landscaping services and lawn care services that work best for your budget. Without compromising the quality of our work, we guarantee the lowest rates out of all landscaping businesses in the area.

We are a family-owned labor-only landscaping company in Corpus Christi, TX, so we understand how valuable a well-maintained and safe outdoor space is to a home. We take pride in our years of service as well as our proven track record. 

Since we offer a full range of landscape and lawn maintenance services, you are sure to get the exact services your yard needs – whether it’s just to maintain your lawn or a major renovation of your outdoor space, we got you covered. By choosing our best landscaping services, you will get the best services for landscaping in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Work with the Best Landscapers in Corpus Christi

Working with us means getting the services of professional landscapers who have the necessary expertise as well as years of experience in working specifically on Corpus Christi landscaping.

Being in the landscaping business for years translates to understanding what kind of vegetation and hardscaping elements will work best for the type of yard or lawn. Our landscapers will do a fantastic job in making sure that all the elements of our garden show a sense of unity so they add to instead of take away from the overall aesthetic of your space.

Our expert landscapers have worked on a lot of landscaping projects over the years, and we can use all the experience we gained from these projects to transform your space into the yard or garden in Corpus Christi, TX you deserve.


Top-Notch Corpus Christi Landscape Services

Our Corpus Christi landscaping services are quite flexible, too. We can provide landscape maintenance and lawn care whether it’s for residential or commercial properties.

We provide mowing services to make sure your front yard always looks well-maintained. We make sure that we clean up any grass cutting that accumulated during our lawn lowing. Meanwhile, our tree service, which includes tree trimming, choosing the right trees for your outdoor space, and removing unwanted tree stumps, ensures that your space has maximum shade without looking dark and overgrown.

Our team also includes experts in hardscaping, so we can install solid structures in your property, too: whether it’s light fixtures, fountains, or stone pavers for your walkways, our crew can easily do a perfect job in installing these for you.

All in all, our landscapers are among the best in Texas, so hiring us means getting the best in the business.

Choose CLP to Get the Best Landscaping Services in Corpus Christi

A well-landscaped yard will surely make your yard a space that you can be proud of. Not only does this give you an extra space in your home to enjoy, but it also gives a positive impression on your neighbors and guests.

However, we all know that Corpus Christi residential landscaping services can either be extremely tiring or expensive. Don’t worry, though! With our landscapers in Corpus Christi, you can get high-quality landscaping services on a budget!

We make sure that all of our lawn care needs are met, all at a reasonable price. What this means for you is that you can have professional landscapers in Corpus Christi regularly maintaining your outdoor space without worrying about your budget.

From lawn mowing to tree cutting to hardscaping, we take great care in providing quality work in every project we take on. Call us now to be one of our many satisfied customers!

Reviews & Testimonials


What does a Corpus Christi landscape contractor do?
After a landscape architect or designer draws up the plan for a garden, a yard, or for hardscaping, it is the landscape contractor’s job to execute the plan. Landscape contractors in Corpus Christi, being knowledgeable of the area’s climate and weather patterns, would also know which plants to use for each season. They can also provide additional services, including maintenance work.
How to find Corpus Christi landscapers?
The best way to find landscapers in Corpus Christi is to find personal referrals. Check with your relatives and friends, particularly those who had their yards recently landscaped. Aside from personal referrals, you can also check online. When you research online for the best landscaping companies in Corpus Christi, TX be sure to check the services they provide, their rates, and most importantly their reviews.
How much does a backyard putting green in Corpus Christi cost?
The installation cost of a backyard putting green can range between $15 to $40 per sq. ft. The final total, however, can still vary since some companies charge more for yards that exceed 400 sq. ft.
How much do you tip landscapers in Corpus Christi?
As a general rule, tipping is not mandatory when it comes to landscaping, but doing so is a good gesture to appreciate a job well done. For ongoing services, such as regular lawn maintenance, a $15 to $50 tip during the holidays is enough. Meanwhile, for major landscaping projects, a $20 to $60 tip will do just fine.

If, however, your project requires the work of a large crew, consider giving each crew member $5 as a tip. Take note, though, that some companies do have a “no-tipping policy,” so make sure first that you are allowed to tip in the first place.
Can you negotiate the price with landscapers in Corpus Christi?
You can negotiate the price of a landscaping project; most landscapers won’t mind if you ask if there is room for negotiation. However, be sure that it is appropriate to negotiate the cost of the project, to begin with. If your landscapers are working the whole day during summer, for instance, you might want to reconsider asking for a lower price.

There are also a few things that you need to be mindful of. For example, be wary of landscapers who can simply take a huge amount off the original price of a landscaping service as this might be a sign that they are cutting corners.