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Why Hire an Allen Landscaping Company?

A well-maintained outdoor space goes a long way in making your home look welcoming. It also creates a positive first impression on your neighbors and your guests.

However, we all know that maintaining your yard takes time, money, and hard work. Sometimes, even the simplest landscaping task or yard work, such as trimming your hedges or mowing your lawn, can take up your entire day.

Of course, no one wants to spend all of their hard-earned free time on yard work. This is where a good landscaping company in Allen, TX comes in. Hiring a landscaper lets you have a well-maintained yard while still having enough time with your family or your own hobbies.

A competent landscaper should know the right type of vegetation and hardscaping elements to use so that your outdoor space actually thrives. For your Allen, TX home, we can be that landscaping company for you.


High-Quality Allen Landscape and Lawn Care Service

CLP can provide you with high-quality landscaping services and lawn care services in Allen, TX. We are a landscaping company that specializes in enhancing the outdoor space of our customers’ homes.

As a family-owned and operated landscaping business, we understand the value of having a well-maintained and relaxing outdoor space. We also understand that maintaining your yard is not a one-time task. Thus, we guarantee that our rates are the lowest in the area.

There are no hidden fees, so you can rest easy that you are getting high-quality landscape service in Allen, TX without being charged extra. This also means that you can regularly hire our service without constantly worrying about draining your funds.

The Right Allen Landscape Company for Your Home or Business Space

We offer Allen, TX landscaping services and lawn care services that are sure to result in customer satisfaction. We take pride in our experienced landscapers and their expertise in handling both small-scale landscaping work and large-scale projects.

Our team of hard-working landscapers is talented and has been in the industry for several years now. If you want our professional landscape workers to enhance your home or office garden, our landscapers will certainly do a wonderful job.

Our landscapers in Allen also have experience when it comes to residential as well as commercial landscaping. Whether it’s a tiny garden in your home, a large front yard or backyard, or the green space of office buildings, our crew can confidently handle any of your landscaping needs you might have.


Now Offering a Wide Array of Allen Landscaping Services

We offer we wide array of services to make sure that your yard always looks its best. With our Allen, TX landscaping service, we make sure that your vision for your ideal space comes to life. We can handle the planting of your greeneries, installation of outdoor lighting, and other pre-made hardscaping elements such as paver stones, as well as the construction of any customized structural elements for your yard. We pay close attention to detail so that every element in your outdoor space is up to your standards.

Our lawn care service, meanwhile, ensures that your yard always looks its best. We can mow your lawn, trim your hedges, edge your walkways, and remove weeds, among many other lawn care tasks. We do an excellent job of cleaning up so that you don’t have to worry about disposal. All you have to do is enjoy your tidy yard.

When it comes to your lawn care and landscaping needs in Allen, TX we can provide you with modern solutions. Contact us now to find out more about our services!

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How much is the cheapest landscaping in Allen?
In Allen, TX landscaping, you can pay as low as $320 for landscaping work.
What do most landscapers in Allen charge per hour?
Landscapers in Allen, TX can charge anywhere between $19 to $50 per hour, depending on the kind of landscaping work that you require.
How much of a tip should you give landscapers in Allen?
There is no industry standard when it comes to tipping landscapers. In fact, some landscaping companies in Allen, TX might even have a “no-tipping policy.” If you are allowed to tip your landscapers, $20 to $60 at the end of a big project is a good amount. Meanwhile, for ongoing projects where you see the same team of landscapers on a regular basis, you can give a $15 to $50 tip during the holiday season. This is an excellent way to show your appreciation for their services.
Can you negotiate the price with landscapers in Allen?
Yes, you can negotiate the price that you have to pay your landscapers in Allen. In fact, landscaping and yard work are the type of services where it is wise to negotiate with your contractors. However, be careful not to overdo it; otherwise, you might also turn away a perfectly capable landscape contractor in favor of a few dollars saved.
Should I tell a landscaper in Allen my budget?
You should tell your Allen landscaper about your budget. In fact, a straightforward conversation with your Allen landscape contractor about what you can and cannot afford should be made even before any landscaping project is actually started.