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Finest Landscaping in Ocala, Fl

A lush and healthy lawn, colorful, vibrant flowers and shrubs, well-trimmed trees, and a clean yard. Every landscaping project requires a certain level of expertise and precision to achieve the right balance between nature and architecture. While attractive landscape designs are more common in residential properties, commercial property owners or business owners also invest in quality landscaping services to improve their outdoor living spaces.

If you need help in lawn maintenance and basic landscaping, Community Labor Partnership will serve as your one stop shop for all your landscape maintenance and lawn care needs. Equipped with extensive experience and skills in different landscaping services, we are a landscaping company that offers great customer service and lawn care assistance by helping every customer get in touch with the finest experts in landscaping Ocala, FL has.

From basic Ocala landscape maintenance and yard work, to more complicated gardening techniques. Our professional yard workers and landscapers will transform the outdoor spaces of your house and residential properties into a beautiful and highly functional landscape.

Plan your landscaping project with us now and let our workers do an excellent job to create, enhance and maintain your dream landscape. Contact us now and schedule your landscaping appointment ASAP. Our friendly and efficient crew will be more than happy to be at your service.


Expert Landscapers Ocala

Curious how we can provide quality landscape and yard work services to our residential and commercial customers? The secret is our meticulous screening process to hire only the most reputable, experienced, and reliable landscapers and yard workers in Ocala, Florida.

To make sure that we supply qualified landscapers and yard workers in all landscaping projects that our customers book, a background check is required for all our workers. Through this mandatory background check, we get to verify and assess their skills, experience, and attitude with help of referrals from past homeowners and businesses who hired their services. We believe that skill isn’t the only important thing needed to complete a landscaping project. Positive attitudes like professionalism and punctuality should also go hand in hand.

We take pride in making sure that every landscape project will be completed by hardworking, professional, reliable, and qualified yard workers and landscapers in Ocala, FL, because we only deliver the best for your home moving and home improvement needs.

Searching for Premier Ocala Landscaping Companies?

Your goal is to enhance the appearance and functionality of your outdoor living space without worrying about exorbitant rates charged by most landscaping companies in Ocala, FL. To make this happen, you need a landscaping company that offers top notch landscape services at affordable rates.

Compared to a typical landscaping company with limited access to reputable landscapers in Ocala Florida, we have access to a large pool of over 42,000 skilled workers across the United States. This nationwide network consists of workers specializing in moving and packing solutions, landscaping, painting, and general labor services. You don’t need to wait for available Ocala landscapers to show up for your project because even with a last minute booking, we can find a reliable yard worker to get the job done.

Check out some of the best reviews posted by our past and present customers online and see why and how we can be your reliable landscaping partner for all your landscaping and commercial lawn care needs.


Book Our Basic Ocala Landscape Services

As a locally owned multi service company, our goal is to connect the community with workers who are prompt, efficient, and reliable. From moving to home improvement projects, we can guarantee you services that will satisfy your needs without going beyond your budget.

More than just taking care of your lawn, our professional landscapers and yard workers have so much to offer including the following:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Fence construction
  • Yard and driveway cleanup
  • Tree planting
  • Grass trimming
  • Pavers installation
  • Fertilizing soil
  • Mulch laying
  • Raking leaves
  • Ditch digging


They can clean your yard manually or with the help of a power washer, to make sure that your outdoor space will be free of debris and other junk before starting the next landscape maintenance in Ocala, FL. To keep your garden vibrant and colorful, they will also help you choose low maintenance flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs that could thrive under extreme weather changes. You can save time and money with affordable and low maintenance plants.

Elevate the appearance and functionality of your residential or commercial property. Book our landscaping services now and collaborate with the finest Ocala landscapers and yard workers in the city, with great customer service at the lowest, most affordable prices. Call us now.



How do I find a local Landscaper in Ocala?
You can find a local landscaper in Ocala, FL, through word of mouth referrals from friends, relatives, and neighbors, labor referral websites, online communities for home improvement and lawn maintenance, and even through the traditional print ads like leaflets and yellow pages.
How much do landscaping companies in Ocala, Florida typically cost?
For full-service property revamps, most homeowners and businesses spend as much as $8,150. Most landscape companies in Ocala, FL charge per hour and size of the area, with an average of $100 per hour of landscaping job, or $4.50 to $17 per square foot.
Can you negotiate landscaping prices in Ocala?
Yes. Negotiation is actually a common part of landscaping. Just make sure that the negotiated deal won’t affect the overall quality of the landscape project and the business and profitability of the landscaping business itself.
How much is too much to spend on landscaping in Ocala?

Generally, any amount that is more than the 10% of your property’s value is considered too much in landscaping. Take note that one of the purposes of landscaping is to increase or maintain the value of your property, and spending too much money on a landscaping project will defeat this purpose.

Why do Ocala landscapers mow diagonally?
Mowing the grass in the same direction will train it to lean one way and going to the same tracks each time can cause soil compaction and rutting. This is why landscapers mow diagonally, to keep the soil healthy and allow every plant to sip all the nutrients that it needs.