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Basic Landscaping in Fort Myers, FL

Looking for the most trusted and affordable experts for landscaping in Fort Myers? Enjoy quality basic landscaping services for your outdoor space with Community Labor Partnership!

We offer basic landscaping services like trimming bushes, planting, and many more. If you are looking for one of the best landscaping companies in Fort Myers, FL to improve your yard, look no further than experienced yard workers. We can maintain your lawn and curate your garden. Our landscapers in Fort Myers, FL can dig a ditch, fence your yard, mow your lawn, rake leaves, and remove weeds for you. Additionally, we offer other landscaping services such as mulching, planting, stump removal, and tree pruning.

Contact us now for all your lawn care and basic landscaping needs. We will be more than happy to provide you with a great landscaping experience, at a fraction of the cost.


Hire an Experienced Landscaper in Fort Myers

By hiring teams of skilled and experienced yard workers from different cities and towns in the United States, we can guarantee you a fantastic job in every landscaping project and lawn service that we provide. Quality work doesn’t have to be expensive, and with the help of our landscapers, all your yard and lawn maintenance plans will be done at a fair price.

We take pride in our meticulous screening process to ensure that we will be hiring the most reliable landscapers and yard workers in Fort Myers, FL in terms of service knowledge, skills, and track record. In picking and forming the best landscaping crew, all our workers do an amazing job in all residential and commercial landscaping projects that they do. We assess our landscapers and yard workers by skills, experience, and attitude, so you don’t just get an excellent job but also a pleasant experience from prompt, friendly, and polite Fort Myers landscapers.

Why Choose Us Over Other Fort Myers Landscaping Companies?

One of the considerations, when you are looking for Fort Myers, FL landscaping companies, is the cost. This is why Fort Myers landscape maintenance is not a top priority for some, especially for those who own residential space. Landscape companies in Fort Myers, FL can be unbelievably expensive.

But worry no more, because as a leading landscaping company in Fort Myers, FL, we offer the lowest service rates and fees in basic landscaping and lawn care services without hidden costs! This means that you no longer have to put all your lawn care plans on hold because we are ready to deliver you quality and budget-friendly basic landscaping and lawn care services at any time of the day.

Want to know how we achieve high customer satisfaction rates without high service fees? Check out some of the best reviews from our past customers to see how our Florida landscapers and yard workers create wonderful impressions, skills, and attitude-wise.

Start planning and conceptualizing landscape ideas for your new home, or elevate your existing property’s outdoor living space now, with the help of the finest landscapers here at CLP.


Skilled Landscape Specialist in Fort Myers At Your Service

Have you ever been inspired by one of your neighbors’ garden or front yard that you felt the need to take care of your own landscape to enhance the curb appeal and value of your property? The best landscapes are created and maintained by skilled and experienced landscape specialists, and if you are looking for the best team to help you turn your ideas into reality, We got you covered.

From cleaning your backyard to planting trees, cutting grass, installing sod, laying mulch, and choosing the best plants that can adapt to the changing weather patterns in Fort Myers, FL, we can assure you that every detail of your dream landscape will be followed and you can have your own beautiful and functional landscape soon.

With a nationwide network of 42,000 skilled workers, choosing skilled and experienced landscaping specialists to work on your home or business landscaping needs will be much easier, and your lawn care plans will be completed in no time.

Professional Landscaping Weed Removal Services in Fort Myers

Landscape maintenance involves a lot of hard work and intense labor to perfect all the details, and most of the time, perfection begins with the tiniest details that landscapers see. Apart from choosing the best plants and trees for your landscape, the primary task that our landscapers do is to keep your garden clean and prevent weeds from creeping out of a nicely designed and well-organized landscape.

Our landscapers will trim grass, manually pull weeds, and do the necessary precautions to avoid them. We understand how important it is for you to keep your outdoor space clean and green, so our professional landscapers will be at your service for all your landscaping and yard cleaning needs.

Contact us now and elevate the overall appearance and value of your property with the most reliable and affordable landscaping maintenance services in Fort Myers, Florida.



What does a Fort Myers landscape contractor do?

A landscape contractor is in charge of executing garden and hardscaping plans according to a visual material drawn by an architect. Apart from the typical design and arrangement of plants, trees, and other ground elements, a landscape contractor will also be in charge of planning and recommending the best lighting styles to improve the overall look of a home or business landscape.

What to ask before hiring a local landscaper in Fort Myers?

Before hiring a local landscaper, you should create your landscaping plan and list down possible concepts that you want to incorporate with your outdoor space project. This also includes budget and time frame. To hire the right landscaping professional, consider asking for years of experience, actual referrals and recommendations (apart from online feedback and testimonials), credentials (training or workshop certifications), a landscaping contract or a service-level agreement.

How much do your maintenance contracts in Fort Myers cost?

Lawn and landscaping maintenance in Fort Myers, FL costs around $100 per month, on average. You may choose a specific payment plan (monthly, bi-monthly, yearly, or per project) to make sure that you are maintaining your lawn well and saving money at the same time. Keep in mind that fees per project will vary depending on factors like the size of your yard, the services needed, and the number of landscapers and yard workers that you want to hire.

How much do you tip Fort Myers landscapers?

Landscaping and lawn maintenance are tedious tasks, so you might want to express your appreciation to your yard workers by tipping them at least $15 to $50 depending on the difficulty of the project and the size of your yard.