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Essential Brandon Landscaping

Brandon, Florida is a prime relocation hotspot for young families and retirees alike due to its close proximity to downtown Tampa and small-town feel, with a pleasant year-round climate, numerous public and private schools, and thriving local businesses dotting the area.

As you move here, one of the most quintessential things to do is to spruce up your outdoor living space. However, hiring a Brandon, FL landscaping team that can provide you with the best value for money can be difficult since even the most basic landscaping services can burn a thousand-dollar hole (or more) in your pocket.

Luckily, Community Labor Partnership is here to help your dreams of a beautiful outdoor space become a reality with our highly skilled professional landscapers in Brandon, FL.


Need a Landscaper in Brandon, FL?

At Community Labor Partnership, we got you covered. Landscaping in Brandon, FL is a very expensive service, with the average cost going about $7,000 with most of the percentage going to labor costs.

However, by choosing to go with CLP, you can get the same access to quality landscapers at a cheaper price. With pre-provided tools, materials, and equipment paired with CLP’s basic landscapers, you can get cutting-edge lawn care for as low as $100!

With over 42,000 contractors in 300+ cities in the country, we pride ourselves as the only company in the country with the staff to provide any landscaping service and maintenance as soon as requested.

Here are a few of the many landscaping services we offer in Brandon, Florida:

  • Basic Landscaping
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Residential Landscaping
  • Commercial Landscaping

Our Edge Over Other Landscaping Companies in Brandon

CLP is the only company in Brandon and Tampa Bay area to be able to provide same-day, basic landscaping services, and lawn maintenance to any city or town in the United States.

We achieve this feat by having a labor pool of 42,000+ independent contractors stationed in over 300 cities ready to help you achieve your dream yard.

Here are a few features that set us apart from other landscaping companies in Brandon, FL:

Flexible Landscaping Services

What makes our service great, aside from being high-quality and budget friendly, is the convenience and freedom it gives you.

By hiring our landscaping service in Brandon, FL, and letting us handle the menial tasks and dirty work, you get to design your lawn and enjoy the process to your heart’s content.

Well-Maintained Lawns

Brandon, Florida is home to a humid and subtropical climate, which means long, hot, and humid summers that can attract high moisture and humidity to your lawn.

This means that your plants and grass are at risk of getting fungal diseases which may affect your curb appeal. Luckily, you can completely prevent this problem by hiring CLP as your main lawn care service and maintenance.

With our Brandon Landscaping team onsite, you can kiss your worries goodbye since we go above and beyond to ensure that every last blade of grass is green and healthy.


Our Main Brandon Landscaping Services

Whether you’re looking to completely renovate your front yard or need someone to maintain it for you due to your busy lifestyle, CLP is the perfect fit for your landscaping needs.

As one of the leading Brandon landscaping companies that prioritize your convenience and satisfaction, we specialize in every landscaping service imaginable for a budget-friendly price.

Plus, by hiring CLP, you can have access to a local pool of experienced landscapers in Brandon, FL that are talented and professional.

Here are some of the lawn services you can expect:

  • Ditch digging
  • Sod installation
  • Mulch laying
  • Lawn mowing and edging
  • Weed removal
  • General yard work
  • Tree planting and stump removal

Ready to hire landscaping services in Brandon, FL at an affordable price? Call us at (888) 314-5128 and get the cutting-edge lawn care you deserve.

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Can you negotiate the landscaping price in Brandon?

There’s no shame in negotiation, it’s part of what makes a good business. Well-established local Brandon, FL landscaping companies even welcome negotiations and would prefer to be your regular lawn care service than be not at all.

Should I tell Brandon landscaper my budget?

Yes. You should always tell how much money you’re willing to shell out no matter how big or how small your budget is. This helps create realistic goals and your landscaper in Brandon, FL might even offer professional advice and insights along the way.

How much is too much to spend on landscaping in Brandon?

It depends on the size of your property and the general state of your lawn. When landscaping in Brandon, FL, we recommend spending at least 10% of the total value of your home, which might fall somewhere between $3,300 to $13,200. To get a general gist of the local price, we recommend getting at least three estimates from landscaping companies in Brandon, FL. However, if you feel the need to save way more money, we recommend checking CLP’s landscaping services to get up to half the price on labor costs.

Is the landscaping in Brandon an asset or expense?

Landscaping is an asset you should absolutely capitalize on. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), landscaping services can add about 15-20% to the total value of your property thanks to curb appeal. Curb appeal is the visual attractiveness of your house when viewed from the street.

Should you tip for a landscaping job in Brandon?

Yes! People often tip landscapers in Brandon, FL $10-$20 for one-time jobs but the same cannot be said for your regular landscapers. While tipping your regular landscapers is a kind and welcome gesture, you should only do a $20-$50 seasonal tip per landscaper every once in a while.