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CLP Temecula Landscaping Services

Need a landscaping company in Temecula, CA that can transform your yard into a dream yard at an affordable rate? We are here to help. Our team has professionals who understand and have the experience to transform any space so that its finished look will exceed your expectations.

While Temecula, CA landscaping can be a pricey upgrade to your house, it can certainly bring more pros than cons that are sure to be a welcome addition to your home — We can help soften that blow to your bank account with our affordable, yet high-quality landscaping services.

To know how CLP’s landscaping process can save you time, money, and energy, you can read more about it below!


Hire One of The Top Landscape Companies in Temecula

Choosing local Temecula landscaping companies in your proximity can be very exhausting since most companies charge outrageous prices for even the most basic of tasks, which can quickly change your mind about hiring one in the first place.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about dipping in the red since we can provide you with a professional landscaper at the cheapest price!

Here are a few of the many landscaping services we offer to customers in your local vicinity:

  • Basic Landscaping
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Residential Landscaping
  • Commercial Landscaping

What Separates Us from Other Landscaping Companies in Temecula, CA

With over 42,000 contractors in 300 cities, CLP prides itself as the only company in the country with the staffing to provide you with any landscaping service, lawn care maintenance, or any of your landscaping needs as soon as you request it.

Here are 3 reasons why our services are becoming popular in Temecula, CA:

Budget-Friendly Prices

You might think that cheap rates equate to subpar services. However, we shatter customer expectations by combining high-quality work with easily affordable prices.

We keep costs low and pass the savings onto you by pairing you with landscapers from your local area. We have a team that’s the perfect fit for your landscaping service in Temecula, CA, so no single penny paid goes to waste.

These landscapers are knowledgeable on every inquiry, efficient, and flexible in any Temecula, CA landscaping work that comes their way. From softscaping to light construction projects, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting ten times of what you’re paying for.


What makes our service great is not only that you have a cheap and convenient option to take care of your lawn, but you can also avoid spending the weekend toiling away under the sun and have more time for rest and relaxation.

With our landscapers in Temecula, CA handling labor-intensive tasks and dirty work, you can transform your yard into a beautiful, personal paradise without working up a sweat.

More than Just a Landscaping Company

Aside from giving you a professional Temecula landscaping crew at budget-friendly rates, we pride ourselves on taking care of you through our customer service.

We ensure you get the best experience with us as much as possible by having an office support team guiding and coordinating you and your landscapers throughout the day.

Our customer service team will also inform you of any issues, delays, or setbacks that might occur during your service.


Get the Best Landscape Company in Temecula

Temecula landscaping is a pricy, yet rewarding investment in your residential home. While it may burn a thousand-dollar hole in your pocket upfront, the right landscaping company will save you in maintenance costs in the long run.

You can avoid all the trouble by choosing us as your go-to lawn care provider. As one of the cream of the crop of the landscaping business, we can provide you with excellent service in both work and communication with our below-market pricing as a cherry on top. In comparison with other landscape companies in Temecula, CA our team does an excellent job in providing the assistance that you need for any landscaping project.

Ready to be a customer? Contact us at (888) 314-5128 and get the best landscaping service in Temecula.



Why does landscaping cost so much in Temecula?
A landscape project can come with a hefty price tag due to materials, labor costs, and the profit margin of the landscaping company. Labor costs and materials eat up a sizable chunk of the estimate since landscapers have to take into account the surface of your soil and subsoil to install and add reinforcements such as concrete footings and drainage systems that will certainly help your landscaping project in Temecula, CA last for years.
How much does landscaping improve home value in Temecula?
According to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), landscaping services in Temecula, CA can add about 15-20% to the total value of your property.
What does a Temecula landscape contractor do?
A Temecula landscape contractor offers basic lawn care and construction, landscape services, and landscape maintenance to increase curb appeal or improve your outdoor living space. Example services are planting plants and trees, trimming grass and maintaining it from growing weeds, creating flowers, mulch, and garden beds, trimming lawns and foliage, artificial turf installation, and doing an amazing job at hardscaping like installing walkways, patios, or decks.
What should you look for when hiring a landscaper in Temecula?
A good local landscape contractor should have at least a license, insurance, and years of experience under their belt as well as a portfolio of past and current landscape project(s), and testimonials from past customers.


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