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The tedious task of packing and unpacking can really dampen the excitement of moving to a new place. Instead of sampling the local cuisine, you are stuck indoors looking for a can opener. You could be by the beach now, snorkeling and surfing. Instead, you are going through sealed boxes looking for the TV remote control. You cannot invite a guest since the living room is in chaos.

Just thinking about the boxes you need to open can create additional stress to the moving process but an organized start to a new life is actually possible. Setting realistic expectations and creating a timeline can also help you get packed and unpacked in no time.

How long does it normally take to unpack a house? How can you make the moving process efficient?

Knowing where and when to start is half the battle. It can be overwhelming if you do not have a plan but it is not impossible to unpack within a day. Aside from creating a checklist of belongings, you also need an unpacking checklist:

  • How many rooms do you have in your new home?
  • Will you set up the bedroom first or the home office?
  • How will you transport boxes ready for moving?

For a stress free experience, ask a professional moving company to start and complete the packing and unpacking for you.

Unpacking a lot of belongings can take much of your valuable time. Time which you usually do not have when you are relocating. Time you can use to set up your new house or office. Time you can use to learn the ropes in a new job. Time you can use more wisely.

Our Burleson movers can help you pack your stuff and unpack your boxes. You do not need to be at your wit’s end trying to cram work and personal activities in your life. Our movers can come to your rescue.

How long does it take to pack a 3-bedroom house?

On the average, it takes 3 to 5 days for a 3-bedroom house. These are full days dedicated to packing, not just 2 to 4 hours per day. After setting aside bathroom breaks and rest breaks, a huge chunk of these days will be dedicated to identifying things to discard, sorting through piles of stuff and putting things in storage or out to trash or recycling. One of the tips people follow is hiring a worker to clean your place. This way you will not miss other important things such as move in clearances and permits or forget to tackle your storage room or basement.

How do you unpack a house quickly? Can you complete the unpacking process in less than a day?

Your packing strategy actually to some large extent, dictates how long your unpacking process will take. If you do packing right, you will be able to start unpacking easier and you can strategically move in days. Here are a few tips on packing for a move:

Declutter. If you bring a few things, you will have to unpack only a few things. Consider discarding items you have not used for a while. Clothing is an easy category to tackle. You can let go of old clothes you have not worn for some time and shop once you are in your new city.

Create an inventory of what you need to bring and what is inside each box. This will come in handy especially if you have a lot of small items or appliances with small components. It also helps keep you organized and keep track of where your things are. For a quick way of keeping an inventory of what is inside each box, assign a number. Write this number on the inside and outside flaps of the box. Before you seal the box, take a photo or list down the contents and its assigned number.

Prepare an overnight bag of essentials. This way you do not have to rummage through unpacked boxes on your first night in your new house. After long hours in transit, the last thing you want would to do is look for your toothbrush in the middle of the night. Put together all the stuff you need to get through the first 24 hours in your new place: a fresh set of clothes, your toiletries, any medications, chargers for your devices, coffee, and water bottles.

Color code and organize your boxes. This is another easy tip so you can find things quickly. Do not mix kitchen items and bedroom items in one box. Separate furniture and appliance items from tech items like laptops, chargers and wires.

Once loading and unloading is done, the unpacking challenge begins. Of course, if you have the budget to outsource this, it would make your transition smoother.

  1. Have a plan. It all starts with a plan. What is your goal? Do you want to save up on costs? Do you want to save time? Travelling light is always cheaper. Plan your unpacking strategy even before you decide which things to pack and bring.
  2. Fight the urge to procrastinate. Tune in to your favorite music or podcast. Make some iced coffee. The hardest step here is to start. Once you start unpacking, you just have to keep going.
  3. Tackle basics first. To avoid getting overwhelmed, start small. Contain the clutter. Use storage boxes and organizers if you have to.
  4. Work from big pieces to small pieces. Most people unpack their refrigerator, dining table, cabinets and other big items first. This makes organizing easier because the place where small items will be placed will be ready.
  5. Rethink your decorations. Do you really need another framed picture on your wall? Will an additional plant make the space cozy or cluttered? Your new place might not have the same layout or floor area as your old one. There may also be changes in the lighting and the color of the walls. These will definitely affect how you will decorate the place. It is worth taking a minute to consider if you still enjoy the same design and style.
  6. Flatten boxes to avoid piles. Do not build a fort of boxes when unpacking. Aside from limiting mobility in your new space, this can also become a fire hazard. After emptying boxes, be sure to prepare them for discarding or recycling.

Does it take longer to pack or unpack a house?

Packing can often take longer if you do not stick to a strict schedule. On the other hand, since unpacking means you already reached your destination, there are times when one becomes too exhausted to unpack everything.

It also depends on a lot of factors:

  1. The number of boxes.
  2. The number of people who are assisting you.
  3. The number of rooms you have, how big and how cluttered each room is.
  4. The number of days you can dedicate to the task.

Reclaim Your Time, Hire Community Labor Partnership (CLP) Movers For Tedious Tasks

Moving in itself is already exhausting and time consuming. The world will not stop just because you have too many things to do before your move. Do not sacrifice making a good first impression at work just because you are already tired. Hire a moving company that offers packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and other services. CLP understands how you would want to finally relax after moving. We can help you get settled so you have time for what matters most.

Ask our workers to help you set up your new home once unloading of your stuff is completed. We also provide general cleaning services, IKEA furniture assembly, labor services and handyman services. Get in touch with us now.



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