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For people who have been eyeing “the Sparkling City by the Sea,” as their next home, hiring affordable movers in Corpus Christi are essential. The city is best known for its pristine coastline where homeowners enjoy low cost of living, good economy, and abundance of outdoor activities including windsurfing, sailing, and kiteboarding. Whether one is preparing for long distance moving or moving within the same city, a stress free moving experience usually starts with choosing the right moving company.

Is it rude to not help movers?

There are varying opinions on this matter. Others say it is best to stay out of their way so they can do their jobs while others do not see why customers cannot lend a helping hand. The reality is your errands do not revolve only on making sure your belongings are packed and loaded in the moving trucks. Moving plans often involve things you cannot outsource such as looking for a new house or buying furniture. You will be busy on the day of the move.

If you can help out you movers without making the process slower, you can do that. However, if you cannot help because you need the time freed up for other concerns, it would also be acceptable.

We would recommend maintaining the communication channels with your moving team open. Let them know if there are tasks you will personally take on and if you are needed somewhere else on move date. Have a checklist you and the team can refer to for an efficient relocation process.

If you want to assist your movers you can:

  1. Finish packing before moving day.
  2. Carry your valuables such as cash, jewelry, and prescription medications with you.
  3. Label the boxes with their intended destination.
  4. Tell the movers or label the box clearly if something is fragile.
  5. Make sure they have easy, hassle-free access to your space for the move.
  6. Tip with at least $25 to $50 per move or 10% to 15% of the total cost.

Is owning a moving company worth it?

As with all businesses, there are pros and cons to starting a moving company. If the pros applicable to you outweigh the cons, it might be a good decision to invest in one.



People and businesses will always need professional movers. They may need to move to bigger homes and businesses will need to move to bigger offices or warehouses for expansion. In bad economy, people and companies may need to downsize and move to smaller spaces.


You basically need the following to set up:

  • Vehicle and gas
  • Basic moving equipment (hand trucks, gloves, and trolleys)
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Uniforms (optional)
  • Insurance coverage
  • Moving truck
  • Moving and packing materials available for customers
  • Payment processing
  • Miscellaneous services like a business phone line or Wi-Fi


On average, you will need a truck and at least 2 movers. As you grow bigger, you can add more equipment and more manpower. You can later add packing and unpacking, general cleaning, furniture assembly, loading and unloading services and storage as part of your services.


On average, movers can make $35,000 per year. According to Move Buddha, over 28 million Americans moved in 2021, and the moving industry market size is an estimated $19 billion.


  1. When starting a moving company, all responsibilities and decisions are in your hands. You might also need to substitute for your movers in case there is a sudden shortage in manpower or someone calls in sick. This will mean you need to do some considerable physical activity such as heavy lifting and carrying furniture in trucks.
  2. You may have minimal face-to-face interaction with customers, which means it can be a lot more difficult to establish trust with your customers. Since this business thrives on customer satisfaction and word of mouth. You will need to be tolerant with last minute complex requests.
  3. Your truck and equipment can get damaged, break down, and may need repairs which can be expensive. Having a contingency fund for such emergencies is useful.


What is the etiquette for movers?

  1. Relocation is a stressful time for anyone. Here at CLP, we treat customer happiness as our mission. We observe the following basic rules in our interactions with them:

    1. Be on time.
    2. Be polite and courteous.
    3. Be organized and patient with questions.
    4. Wear proper moving equipment (gloves, masks, and exterior coverings)
    5. Treat your customer’s belongings with care especially fragile and breakable items.


What are the benefits of moving companies?

Here are the numerous benefits of hiring professional moving services:

Stress Management and Peace of Mind

Moving companies are not an unnecessary luxury but a logical decision for the sake of peace of mind for several people. The moving process can be an overwhelming experience. Long distance moving can also be unnerving. There are a lot of added tasks can take a toll on your mental health and energy. Hiring a moving company can make the process stress free and hassle free for you and your family. You need to look for a new house accessible from your office. You need to learn a new route and familiarize yourself with navigating streets you have never been to before. You need to learn rules and norms which are new to you. If you have kids, you also need to look for a new school and help them adjust to an environment that is strange to them.

Efficient Moving Process

Moving companies already have the advantage of years of trying out effective systems for relocation with timelines that took cost and manpower requirements in consideration. A moving service can identify a cost-effective, time-sensitive approach. They have technical know-how on which insurance will be best for securing valuables or what is the cheapest way to move your furniture. This is especially important for long distance moves.

Even for local moves to the same city, packing can still be a daunting task. While decluttering helps, sometimes this will not be enough. Hiring movers can help you decide how many boxes you will need for the move or the cheapest and fastest way to transport large furniture.

Time Saver

Time is gold, anywhere you are and anywhere you want to be. A last-minute move or business launch has to strictly follow a schedule. Hire a professional who can easily identify the steps with clarity and execute the necessary actions with precision. This way you can focus on other things that need your precious time. Relax and meet new neighbors. Prepare for a new job. Have meaningful conversations with potential clients and make new friends.

Cost Effective Relocation

Relocation can have surprise hidden costs. You can easily rack up costs you did not anticipate when relocating. These may be due to lack of necessary equipment or insufficient planning especially for last minute moves. Imagine needing a special equipment to move a large item to your new house. Will you spend a lot for something you are most likely never to use ever again? Finding out your one bedroom apartment cannot fit all your furniture or that it does not have an elevator can be stressful. It can be close to impossible finding manpower assistance with only a few hours’ notice. Plan and discuss possible scenarios by getting professional movers. Examine your budget and create a contingency plan.

Quality Time for Loved Ones

Sometimes moving is not a deliberate choice. You may need to move to a new state to take care of a sick family member. You will find yourself pressed for time and with a long list of tasks needing your attention. A good mover can make the difference and can help you save precious time for more important things.

Moving away from family and friends can take a toll on your relationships. You do not need to miss movie nights or lunch out with the girls to prepare for your upcoming move. You can spend your last remaining time in your current city with people who are dear to you.

Maintain Top Tier Work Performance


If you are relocating for a new job, chances are you are already stressed out of your mind. Aside from worrying on how you can fit in with the work culture, you also need to impress your new boss and colleagues. Do not sacrifice your job security and work performance just to save on costs.

Even if you manage to sacrifice sleep and work longer hours to make up for time lost to packing, unpacking and transporting furniture to your new destination, the anxiety is often not worth it. Hire a professional to take care of these things for you.

CLP movers are experts in handling even large furniture. We can wrap, load, and unload your breakables to prepare for your upcoming move. Hiring a professional mover can take away the anxiety of making sure your favorite stemware are properly bubble-wrapped to survive a long distance transit.

Prevent Injuries

Heavy lifting of bulky items and other furniture when your building does not have an elevator is a safety concern. Doing strenuous physical labor when you are not used to it can strain your muscles and cause injuries. Rather than hurt yourself in the process of lifting, loading and unloading bulky items, hire a professional mover.

Keep Valuables Safe

Belongings especially appliances and equipment with small parts can be quite hard to pack. If you have expensive furniture and breakable items, a professional mover who can properly bubble wrap and shrink wrap these items is a must.

Most professional moving companies offer packing services which may include furniture pads. They can pack your fragile items to avoid getting damaged during transit.

Competent Workers and Essential Equipment

Professional movers can help you unpack your things in no time. They can also help you move heavy items. Depending on the moving company you hire, you may even ask for customizable services and reasonably priced add-on service packages. Some can provide you with storage solutions for seasonal clothes or even for bulky home appliances you can do without in the summer.

Customizable Services and Add-On Service Packages

Professional movers can help you unpack your things in no time. They can also help you move heavy items. Depending on the moving company you hire, you may even ask for customizable services and reasonably priced add-on service packages. Some can provide you with storage solutions for seasonal clothes or even for bulky home appliances you can do without in the summer.


CLP’s moving services can include packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading of your belongings and furniture. Our movers are trained to listen to your special instructions for valuables and breakable items. We are also experts in long distance moves and can assist you in getting settled in a new state. Whether you are relocating from New York to Corpus Christi, CLP can help you with the move!



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